Useful Information About Hair Loss According 2020!

Some people are very concerned with hair loss and some people just don’t care. If you check out my website you will know that I’m a guy who is fairly bald. I fall into the category that I really don’t care about hair loss. I actually take pleasure in the fact of being bald, except for the hot summer I have to be careful of continuously wearing a hat so my scalp doesn’t turn into a red balloon.

Hair is actually made up of 2 parts the fuzzy part everyone sees and the follicle beneath the skin. There is many reasons that hair loss happens It’s in our genetics, for example, my grandfather was bald. He was also very wealthy, successful, and great with women too so I got the entire package. Another reason someone can have thin hair is because of hormones which are why many products that claim to help with hair loss like Rogaine focus on hormones. Again blocks hormones, therefore, helps with hair loss. Propecia is another product that is taken orally that targets hormones to improve balding. It’s important to understand that hormones in women are different than guys. So It is not a smart plan to make products that are meant for women if you are a guy.

Another reason someone can become bald is that they don’t consume enough vitamins and they don’t give themselves a body cleanse detox. For instance, Vitamin B which is really crucial and can assist with growing hair, and really there are many more very important nutrients as well. Lastly, baldness can happen because of someone not taking care of their noggin. To give you an example, it has been documented that products that pull hair extremely tight that some woman uses contribute to damage follicles, as well as maybe using unsafe dyes and bleaches.

What is important about baldness is a cell called the progenitor cell. What this fragment job is to swap places with other molecules that pass away normally. They are little like stem cells meaning they can change into a different cell. The big difference between these two cells is that stem cells can reproduce for eternity while progenitor cells can only reproduce a limited number of times.

What is interesting is that throughout history many scientists used to believe that bald folks did not possess the progenitor cells in the parts they lack hair. A short time ago they found out that people who have thin hair actually do have the crucial cell, the problem is that it doesn’t work properly. What is exciting about all of this is because the science community is hopeful that they can use the technology of stem cells to regenerate the progenitor cells and get them working again sort of like herbal cancer treatment. If they could figure that out they can end baldness forever. It reminds me of the movie Duplicity with Julia Roberts. Just think no more baldness, and I don’t have to worry about turning my head into a golden pancake if I don’t wear a hat on a sunny day.

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