Do You Want To Know About Permanent Hair Removal At Home?

Did you ever notice a model who had bad, hairy skin? Most probably your answer is negative. Our concept of beauty includes smooth, clear and radiant skin, which almost everyone finds desirable. Smooth skin texture is so desirable that people willingly undergo excruciating procedures like electrolysis, waxing, laser treatment, etc. The demand for home hair removal products have gone through the roof, people don’t want to go to salons for hair removal treatments, they want to do it themselves and from the comfort and privacy of their homes. The cosmetic industry earns a significant percentage of its revenue from hair removal products.

Hair removal products have been popular with women for ages, but the modern metrosexual man is no stranger to such products either. Affordability and convenience have made home hair removal products the popular choice of millions of people. Temporary or permanent hair removal is the two basic categories of hair removal methods and products. Temporary hair removal methods don’t destroy the hair follicle and thus the hair grows back with time. Hair removal methods include do-it-yourself home hair removal procedures like waxing, threading, etc. On the other hand, permanent hair removal techniques prevent further hair growth by destroying the hair follicle. However, do note that permanent procedures will keep you hair-free only for a year or so. Examples of permanent hair removal techniques include electrolytic, laser, and chemical procedures.

It is very expensive and time-consuming to undergo permanent hair removal treatment. Permanent hair removal at home products is in great demand due to their lower cost and greater convenience compared to normal treatment. Hair inhibitor creams used to be the only solution for permanent hair removal at home until a few years ago. At-home laser hair removal is now possible due to the availability of laser machines for home use.

Electrolysis for hair removal also opted for by many people but do bear in mind that the process is somewhat painful and involves the use of electricity. No matter what hair removal method or product you try, just make sure it is safe and FDA approved.

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