What Causes Extremely Dry Skin? How To Protect Your Skin From Getting Dry?

Having dry skin is unbearable and can make a person feel awkward. It is a condition of the skin that manifested by scaling, flaking, and itching. There are a variety of reasons for having dry skin. One can have naturally dry skin, or you can have oily skin, but it could turn on to dry skin from time to time.

Dry skin can affect almost the entire body. But it is more noticeable in arms, legs, and on the face. I myself am the best example of having dry skin and my face is so oily, and from time to time developed to be dry skin.

What causes dry skin?

Anybody can suffer from dry skin when the skin loses too much water or its natural oil, then more likely to have dry skin. The cause of having dry skin could be an external or internal factor. External causes are easier to address and be prevented.

External factors are caused by changing weather condition: such as cold temperature which is usually common in western countries. Also, heat, wind and dry heated air could remove skin moisture and targeting natural protective barriers of the skin. Using hot water when bathing, could also be a cause of having dry skin because changes in temperature can remove the natural moisture of the skin. So, make sure your shower is not too hot.

The use of skin care products could also be a reason for having dry skin. There are a lot of products that can be harsh on our skin’s moisture balance and would cause dry skin (e.g. soap- based shower gels). I suggest to use this product not really often, or you may try to use some rehydrating cleansing products.

Expert says, having dry skin could be a genetic factor too, therefore, it could be inherited, and it depends on your genetics. When your sebum production and skin moisture regulation was disrupted, then it may cause dry skin.

Too much stress and mental strain could affect hormonal production, which can interrupt our body’s moisture and oil production.

Dry skin could be temporary, but it could also be a long-term skin condition. Signs and symptoms of dry skin vary with age, health condition, an area where you live, time spent doing outdoor activity, and the reason for an underlying skin problem. Dry Skin Manifestation could be any of the following:

  • a sense of skin tightness
  • rough skin
  • pruritus (itching)
  • skin flaking, scaling or peeling
  • gray, ashy skin
  • redness
  • skin deep cracks

How To Restore Your Skin Natural Balance?

What is your skin’s pH? Is it essential to know? What is the perfect pH balance?

The pH scale is a numeric scale (ranging from 0 to 14) which measures how acidic, neutral or basic something is. The skin, which is the largest organ of the body, acts accordingly or responded within a limited ideal environment. The surface must sustain its perfect pH level around 5.5- somewhat acidic. Maintaining a favorable skin barrier, with the excellent production of natural oil, the presence of good bacteria, a natural moisturizer, is a perfect defense of the organ.

Any changes in the skin’s pH balance, whether it is too high or slightly low- will affect to the skin’s condition and may cause inflammation or irritability, this happens when the production of natural oil and the natural bacteria on the skin is disrupted. Good to know that there is a strong connection between the pH level of the skin and the presence of bacteria when interrupted, a good bacteria can no longer hold the inflammation and so “bad” bacteria will take over.

According to some research, one way to restore skin pH balance and good bacteria are to follow an excellent skin care regimen and to have a proper diet that will promote the production of good bacterial flora and pH as well. It is important to choose skin care products that are not harsh to the skin and may contain probiotics or has a pH-balanced formula. Moreover, taking good care of your delicate skin means not to over wash nor over scrub your delicate skin, and to choose products that are skin friendly, this will protect the destruction of the sensitive layer of the skin.

Foods That Promote Healthy Skin

A proper diet is significant in maintaining the excellent condition of the skin. Choosing the right food to incorporate into your diet will help renew and restore essential nutrients to the skin. The following are the best foods to promote skin natural balance.

1. Eggs

Eggs contain different essential minerals and vitamins. It is excellent in tissue repair. The compounds found in eggs will help maintain the skin pleasant and clear of infections and acne. Eggs are high in selenium, vitamin A and copper. Selenium helps the skin protect from diseases, while vitamin A protects the skin in developing abnormal clumps that could turn into moles and skin tags, and copper helps to sustain skin elasticity.


2. Avocado

Avocado contains healthy fats and high in protein. It incredibly considered as excellent food, which means it is excellent in any sandwich, salad, the main ingredient in guacamole, and the most popular in all kinds of dishes.


3. Berries

Almost all kinds of berries are excellent in attaining healthy skin. These fruits are a good source of vitamin C and high in antioxidant property, which promotes the collagen of your skin. Also rich in anthocyanins and quercetin, which decrease inflammation and maintain the skin to look more radiant.


4. Salmon

Salmon, rich in protein and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, essential in improving the elasticity of your skin. It is also a good option for our muscles to sustain overall wellness.


5. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of nutrients and essential minerals. It is a good source of zinc, which is essential in maintaining your skin to keep vibrant and healthy. Together with vitamin C, it helps build and nourish new skin cells and helps repair damaged skin.


6. Lemon

Lemon support skin health and it contains many essential nutrients to sustain skin wellness; also it helps to promote the body’s immune system. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and aid in collagen production to keep the body tissue firm and well. Lemon helps keep the skin looking young and vibrant.


7. Green Tea

Green tea has the highest content of antioxidants and right to protect the skin from toxins. The antioxidant content of green tea helps lessen the amount of free radical molecules in the body. Free radicals may affect healthy cells and may result to make the skin dull and dry. Green tea helps combat free radicals.

8. Honey
Honey can be applied on the skin helps moisturize and has a calming effect, and best to use as a sweetener to improve internal health conditions. Honey contains a variety of nutrients, and considered to be the healthiest food, with reasonable amount can provide many health benefits.


9. Almonds

Almonds are very rich in vitamin E. I helps the skin look more vibrant. Vitamin E is one of the most potent antioxidants that delays are aging. It is also rich in protein that enhances skin texture and firmness.

10. Olive OIl
Olive Oil is an excellent remedy to cure skin problems. It has been used for many years. It provides an anti-inflammatory effect and has a calming effect. It can be added to make a facial mask, as the primary ingredient. It can be added to a salad, to increase the consumption of healthy fatty acids.

Bottom Line

Having dry skin is unbearable and could be irritating, because of the skin itchiness, and sometimes looks scaling and flaking.

Anybody could suffer from having dry skin if not taken care of. Therefore, to prevent it from happening, a proper diet, and keeping the skin moisturized by using products not containing harsh chemicals, will regulate the skin pH balanced and the production of natural oil, to help improve the production of good bacteria that will combat the harmful bacteria that can harm the protective skin barrier.




  1. Very informative article. Glad to know that eggs, avocados and berries help promote healthy skin. These are foods I eat regularly. I will refer back to your site for more help and info about skin care. Thanks!

    • Hi Sharon. Thank you for visiting my site. I’m glad that it gives you some information on how to promote wellness. I hope you’ll visit this site again. God bless you.

  2. My skin is dry in places and have used moisturizer on my face religiously since my late 20s. According to you my diet contains many of the foods you say will help dry skin. Maybe that’s why my skin has not gotten worse with age. Thank you for the information.

    • Hello Suzanne. I’m glad you’ve visited my site and find this article relevant to you. That’s why eating the right food and choosing the right product is essential to keep our skin rehydrated and look more radiant. God bless you.

  3. Hello Raquel:

    I’m in aggreement with this post. I’m a diabetic and deal with dry skin almost daily. Have you given any thought to adding a link for a ph test kit or tester from Amazon. I think it would be a great idea to add that link somewhere in that paragraphabout ph balance. Another fantastic product for skin and nails is a biotin suppliment. That works for strong hair and nails. You might want to research that, I know about it and it does work.

    I will sign up to your email listso I can read through any new posts you build. I also can help you with building your traffic flow more for free. I also like what you atre talking about.

    Have you ever heard of IT cosmetics? you fan find great deals on QVC.com I buy them regularly for my wife. These cosmetics were created by plastic surgens and absolutely look great. they have antu ageing skin products that work and they use collagen in there products and focus on skin issues like dry skin etc.

    Kudos to you Raquel, on a job well done. keep it up there are many that can bennifit from your niche.

    Thank you.
    Brian Elliott

    • Hi Brian. Thank you for visiting my site. I really appreciate all your suggestions and most probably consider it. I never heard about IT cosmetics, so I will try to visit the site. Thanks for the appreciation.

  4. Very interesting read. I’m very happy that you talked about diet. All health depends a great deal on what we are putting into our bodies. An unhealthy diet will show on the outside. Some of the foods I knew already but I do eat all of these foods so good to know. I also have celiac so using moisturizer without chemicals or gluten is very important to me. I live in Canada and we have long cold winters that are very hard on our skin so any help I can get. Thank you again for the valuable information! I will certainly check back for future posts.

    • Hi Shelley. It is my pleasure that you’ve visited my site. I’m glad that you find this article helpful to you. Diet is essential, and I agree with you that an unhealthy diet will manifest outside. Thank you and God bless.

    • Hi, Marge. Thank you for stopping by and for leaving your comment. I am glad that you are considering some of the natural remedies to help protect your skin and maintain the natural pH balance to keep skin moisturized. I hope you revisit this site for more health info.

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